Ice Fishing Tents: Angling Shelters at the Ice

Ice fishing tents are made to help individuals who love to go fishing, even when the lake has already frozen. Basically they are shelters that are made for those who love to fish even during winter time. There are those that are made for solo fishers and there are some also that are made to fit in a group of people. Here are some reviews that might help you look for the best fishing tent.

1. QUICK HUT – ALL IN 1 UNIT W/CHAIR. Soloist would love this. This is a compact ice shelter with a dimension of 51″x32″x65″. This will keep you dry during fishing and it is very comfortable as well. The cost of this is around $150. With this, you are still able to catch your favorite fish, even during the cold winter days.

Latest Tent Amazon products

Wenzel Alpine 8.5 X 8-Feet Dome Tent (Light Grey/Blue/Gold)

  • 3-person, 3-pole pentadome tent with removable fly
  • Shock-corded fiberglass frame for quick and easy setup
  • Integrated mud mat with drainage strip to keep tent clean
  • 2 mesh windows and D-style front door for ventilation
  • Measures 8.5 x 4 x 8 feet (W x H x D); weighs 8 pounds

Lightweight, easy to set up and take down, the Wenzel Alpine 3-pole pentadome tent is a great choice for a camping adventure. It features a single room that measures 8 by 8.5 feet with the third pole creating a vestibule, giving an area for storing gear and weather protection. It will sleep up to 3 people. This tent has a D-style door with mesh window, and closeable mesh windows for great cross ventilation. A gear loft and hanging gear pocket are included as well as an integrated mud mat with a drainage strip. The shockcorded fiberglass frame and pole pockets…

Wenzel Alpine 8.5 X 8-Feet Dome Tent (Light Grey/Blue/Gold)

2. Next is the Quickfish 2 Hub Tent. There are a lot of good ice fishing tents and this is one of them. It can fit in two individuals. Compact and very comfortable with a size of 60″x60″. It weighs 181 lbs. This is very easy to set up, usually just takes a couple of seconds to unfold. It is durable enough to stand firm even in windy situations. This $200 ice shelter is able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, this is equipped with the best known zipper today. There is no doubt that anybody who gets this will enjoy fishing in the ice even more.

3. SHAPPELL S3000 ICE SHELTER. It has the quality and durability that any ice angler desires. Two holes are present in this tent so you can have a partner with you. It’s overall dimension is 47″x70″x68″. It can also be used as a hunting blind. Slipping accidents can be eliminated as the floor is slip-proof. It will cost you around $320 to own one.

4. The Expedition FLR Shelter is another tent that is among the best there is. It is perfect for a group of 4 individuals. You and your friends can enjoy fishing at the same time as there are four pre-cut holes. It is more mobile due to it’s pop-up top feature. It has a set-up size of 60″x72″ and a folded size of 50″x10″x10″. To own one, you need at least $490.

Ice fishing tents have a lot of options that you can select. The four mentioned above are among the best there is today. Reviews will help you out in your search for the best ice shelter.

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